Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Get the Party Started With Gak Deficiency!

This is the trippiest spoken word album you are likely to ever hear.

It was a Friday night, much like any other Friday night, when Gak Deficiency unveiled Socially Conscious Party Music, their debut full-length, on the world. Recorded over the course of two years in central Arizona and southeast Pennsylvania, Socially Conscious Party Music blends the calming ambiance of a hike through the forest with the chaotic riff-raff of a raging college party. This is the trippiest spoken word album you are likely to ever hear!

Upon displaying a physical copy of the disc I was asked if it was really party music. Well, it's real party combined with real music. Yes, in fact almost every track contains recordings from actual parties! Topics throughout the album include weighty issues such as the meaning of 2012 and the effects of overpopulation, as well as lighter subject matter such as where the best country to eat at an IHOP is and how irritating some people find Poke'mon. A massive collaboration of over 20 friends, Socially Conscious Party Music is ideal for when you don't know where the party's at! With sounds ranging from drum circles to distorted kalimba, this album is recommended for fans of Animal Collective's "Sung Tongs", Neutral Milk Hotel's embryonic collage "Invent Yourself A Shortcake", as well as anyone who remembers what it's like to go to college.

Gak Deficiency's core is made up of Ryan Burns and Tom Faix (tube dwellers), Jake Gioffrey (lawyer), Ryan Gillespie (yesman), Ethan Newmann (honorary caddy), and Colton Coburn-Wood (image to throw gak at). Burns and Faix previously performed together at a special appearance of the baseball/comedy group Chestnut Hill Renegers. Socially Conscious Party Music is Burns' first released recording. Faix self-released an exploratory EP, Postal Telegraph, last year to moderate success and has recently reissued it in digital form. Coburn-Wood is a dubstep DJ (performing under the moniker Colt 45) based in Boston.

Socially Conscious Party Music can be downloaded for free here.

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